“license smart register” Missing Command

You are on the CLI ready to configure Cisco Smart Account licensing and when you’re about to enter the token ID with the license smart register idtoken command, the command fails! What?! The license smart register idtoken command is missing!

You should know that starting from version 17.3.x, Cisco Smart Licensing has migrated to Smart Licensing based on policies. To configure a direct connection with Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM), the portal that enables you to manage all your Cisco software licenses from a centralized location, the following commands are needed:

config term
 license smart transport smart
 license smart url default

license smart trust idtoken <token> all force


When you set the transport mode to license smart transport smart and the license smart url default command, the Smart URL gets set to:


To verify, use the show license all and make sure there was a successful ACK. Make sure that the token was used on the Smart Account portal, which would indicate that the switch successfully contacted the Smart Account.


Usage Reporting:
  Last ACK received: Mar 30 22:20:42 2022 EDT


Receiving a successful ACK may take between 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t panic. For more information on configuring Cisco Smart Licensing and its verification, click on the previous link.

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6 thoughts on ““license smart register” Missing Command”

    • I’m glad it helped. This missing “license smart register idtoken” command has had many of us scratching our heads. Cheers.

    • You’re welcome! I guess you ran into this missing “license smart register” command. I’m glad I could help.

  1. Hi,
    I upgraded IOS from 16.x.x to 17.3.05(ISR4331/k9). When i do sh version

    It says
    Smart Licensing Status: Registration Not Applicable/Not Applicable

    sh license summary
    License Usage:
    License Entitlement Tag Count Status
    hseck9 (ISR_4331_Hsec) 1 IN USE
    booster_performance (ISR_4331_BOOST) 1 IN USE
    appxk9 (ISR_4331_Application) 1 IN USE
    securityk9 (ISR_4331_Security) 1 IN USE

    I tried your step but not able to make contact. First question Do i still need to make contact with smart licensing although it says no applicable? and if required what I am missing any idea.


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